How to Replace Rolling Casters


    Flat Plate Casters

    • 1). Turn the furniture, or other object, over so that the casters are easily accessible. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the damaged caster and take it with you for comparison.

    • 2). Select a caster the same height and wheel width and type to ensure proper operation. Match the visual appearance as closely as possible, if the caster will be seen, and if appearance matters to the look of the piece.

    • 3). Position the new caster slightly turned from the original placement for spinning casters, or slightly forward, or back of the original position for a fixed wheel that does not spin. Mark the screw holes. Drill 1/8 inch pilot holes on each marked spot.

    • 4). Attach the casters with the screws from the original, unless they are damaged. Replace damaged screws with ones of similar thickness and length. Drive one screw through each hole in the caster plate.

    Spindle Casters

    • 1). Turn the furniture, or other castered item, over to expose the casters. Pry the wheel and spindle from its sleeve with a large flat blade screwdriver.

    • 2). Inspect the sleeve. If it appears okay and an exact match replacement is available for the caster, leave it in place. Otherwise use a wide flat screwdriver, wedged into the sleeve, to turn it counterclockwise to release the barbs from the leg and pull it out.

    • 3). Select a matching caster with the same wheel height and spindle size. Match the sleeve as well, if needed. Slide the new sleeve into the leg and insert the mounting bolt. Turn the mounting bolt clockwise to tighten it. Twist the bolt until the sleeve is fully flush with the bottom of the leg. Insert the caster spindle and press it all the way until it snaps in place.

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