Cheap Search Engine Optimization Can Cost You A Lot More Than You Think

If youre looking for cheap search engine optimization services for your website, be sure you take into account all of the potential costs you may be inviting. The old saying that you get what you pay for is never truer than in the search engine optimization world. In fact, when you choose a cheap search engine optimization company over a legitimate, reputable SEO firm whose prices may be a little higher, youre risking the loss of far more than the few dollars difference between the two quotes.

Website optimization, SEO and web marketing are highly specialized fields. While many an SEO expert is self-taught, the best have spent years honing their skills and learning the ins and outs of the various search engines and how they can integrate with traditional marketing techniques. Even so, the field is a young one and universities are just catching up with providing training in the field. That means that there are few organizations that provide certification for companies that provide search engine optimization services for websites. Consequently, the buyer you, for example is on his own to determine whether or not a search engine optimization company is truly as expert as they claim to be.

The truth is that many cheap search engine optimization companies can charge the low prices they do because they skimp on website optimization services in many ways and some of those ways can seriously damage your companys reputation and standing in the search engine rankings. Some use black hat techniques SEO strategies that have been banned by various search engines because theyre easier and faster. Others use outright fraud to make you believe that theyve optimized your website by buying ads on search engines that mix their organic search results with paid ads. While those ads will give your website temporary visibility, they disappear as soon as you stop paying for the ad. A legitimate website marketing company may purchase search engine ads as well, but theyll always use those ads as a jumpstart to gain your company visibility while the organic SEO strategies theyve implemented ramp up.

The risk of getting poor quality SEO is the least of your worries when you base your search for cheap search engine optimization on price alone, though. Many lower quality SEO companies outsource most or all of their work, for example. If your SEO company is providing keyword optimized content, youre likely to get poorly written content that represents your company badly, and could affect both your search engine rankings and the reputation of your company. Even worse, those companies that use black hat techniques, such as cloaking and hidden keywords, can get your website banned from Google, the search engine that typically supplies up to 90% of search engine traffic to major websites. And it wont do you any good to argue that you didnt make the changes. As far as Google is concerned, the owner of the website bears the ultimate responsibility for search engine optimization techniques used on the website.

In the end, if youre designing a new website, redesigning an existing one or looking for cheap search engine optimization to increase search engine rankings to your website without making major changes, you get what you pay for. There are affordable search engine optimization companies out there but the cheapest is seldom the best choice for your website needs.
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