Visit Paris, The City of Lovers

Paris is the fashion center of the world and the city of lovers.
There is more to this city other than the expensive perfume and the designer outfits.
Other than the breathtaking architectural designs in the Paris skyline, Paris is a world renowned artistic centre Take a lift in the Eiffel tower Paris landmark to the highest point in Paris and enjoy the view of Paris.
The world famous Mona Lisa original portrait has mad its home in the Louvre Museum Inn.
The centre of the modeling world is dotted with many tall, negative-sized models of both sexes and this means a fashion show every once in a while.
The who's' who in the fashion world grace these occasions; and if you are a fashion enthusiast, you will not want to miss these fashion shows which are debuts for less known models and fashion designers.
They are not only very expensive; but are also hyped fashion shows that are free.
The Lafayette fashion shows are free and worth a try.
Paris is an expensive place to visit but you will do not have to spend a fortune on a family vacation in Paris.
There are other quality paces you can visit in Paris for free.
Take a romantic ride in the Seine River for free.
It is a shooting site for quite a number of Hollywood movies and you may be fortunate to see a blockbuster one being shot.
The Notre Dame Cathedral; the inspiration behind the hunchback of Notre Dame and many other movies is a sight to behold and the fact that it is free is the icing on the cake.
It is one of the high points in the Paris skyline; and from its vantage point, you will get some memorable views of the Paris skyline.
Paris is known for its Christian Dior perfume and many other brands in the market.
Paris has one of the few perfume museums in the world, a very notable one being the Fragonard Perfume Museum.
To get the history of perfumes and to see some of the old designs of Perfume, this is the place to visit.
If you are visiting Paris for the first time, reconsider staying in cheap hotels in Paris.
Although they are five star hotels and their services are top notch, they tend to be quite small and will cost you a fortune especially if you are visiting Paris with your family for a vacation.
Consider doing something different and relatively cheap.
Stay in the outskirts of Paris and save a lot of money.
Staying in a four star hotel is not as bad as you think; their services usually match some of the five star hotels that you know.
Consider home exchange if you do not want to pay any money on accommodation.
There are many home exchange services that are available on the internet, and you can just as easily find accommodation for your family through such services.
The good side is that you will be able to interact with the local culture.
In the outskirts of Paris, all you will have to worry about is transportation.
Rail is the cheapest mode of transport to find.
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