Tips & Tricks To Start An Article Directory Website

Fallacies in the world consist of owning a website: a natual quick way to make hordes of money. We hear about various people on the news who do this. But guess what? They are the exceptions. If that were true, then all business owners in the world would be another Howard Hughes, Warren Buffett or even Donald Trump.

Instead, reality on the internet is the same as the real business world and maybe the percentages are even worse now. With our country's current financial problems affecting all of us, we might expect approximately only about 3% or less to become successful and actually earn or make money.

Good News. You can earn money and have a successful website fairly quickly with the right help, information and aid. You only need an enduring intense earnest desire to do so.

Building your website is similar to building a home. First you need your foundation or basement. You need this so other websites, search engines and visitors can find you. This encompasses your basic decisions you make for your site.

Since you have chosen to have a directory, you need a place to put your website. This means you need a server to host your site. Server pricing is variable and competitive. Research hosting companies and then choose one that is easy to pay for, has all the requirements you need for your website, provides good customer service and has a good track record of their servers not being shut down. Older servers are down more than newer ones just like your computer.

Next you should decide on a name. Always purchase a URL or name for at least 5 years as google gives more credence to websites which plan to stick around versus the here-today, gone tomorrow website.

If you have already purchased a name, you can still implement the following system. It is always a bit better if you can use the following as your main website URL but you can still do this if you have already done something different. At the very beginning, always target your plans and goals around obtaining visitors and traffic to your site. This is one area where you can leverage this so try to take advantage of it.

You need the right keyword or keyword phrase. Note: a common description of a keyword phrase is 'long tailed keyword'. If you wonder what the importance of this is, just go to the google search and enter in a phrase or word for your planned site. (Not the name you have chosen.) The websites that come up are sites which are optimized and marketed for that specific keyword.

So how do you find your keyword or phrase? There are two methods. Wordtracker is a site which has a free trial and can be used but however, google now has it's own generator for keywords and letting you see the traffic for each. Just go to: Enter in the most basic keyword for your planned website into the search and google will also give you suggestions for more keywords as well as the current traffic and projected future traffic for each.

Before choosing keywords for your site, you need to decide what type of directory you want to own. If you take a look at directories on the internet, you will find the more 'general' in nature, the more competition there is by webmasters to be top on google and that should also be a concern as you should want an easy website to own and become top in your category. As a directory owner, you will, in time, want to write articles for your directory, possibly post new developments in the industry, post news that have developed and become known as an expert in your field.

A good way to do this, is first of all take a self inventory. Do you have any knowledge already about a specific topic? It could be horse racing, shoes, 'As seen on TV Products', Trivia games and questions, hand crafted jewelry, automobile repair or just anything that has always interested you and you already automatically read or absorb information about the topic. It is much easier to work with a targeted topic that interests you. Let us use a specific example here that most people can relate to. For the sake of giving you help, let us choose 'Consumer Electronics'. This topic is general enough that it covers a large enough area to allow you to be creative since many household goods, i.e., refrigerators, microwaves, etc. fall under this as well as televisions, DVD players, radios, etc.

Using our main targeted keyword of Consumer Electronics, we then start our keyword research to either define our website name or just pick our first keyword we want to use for our site. When viewing todays list of keyword suggestions from google for this category, we find the following:

KeywordJune Search VolumeGlobal Monthy Search volume

Consumer electronics market4,400 3,600
consumer electronics industry4,400 3,600

consumer electronics 368,000 7,480,000

thompson consumer electronicsnot enough data 1,600
panasonic consumer electronics2,400 18,100
consumer electronics audionot enough data 673,000
wholesale consumer electronics5,400 74,000
home consumer electronics9,900 550,000

In looking at the above list, you will find that 'home consumer electronics' appears to be a sleeper in that the current June search is 9,900 but the expected global is 550,000 per month. You might find that the .com is not available but in this case, even owing the .net should be beneficial. The other keywords are also fairly good too. You will find many keywords are not available due to desiring a .com. When you research, you may end up re-defining your exact plans for your directory so that you can meet the ability to grab traffic right away and making things easier for yourself. Keep in mind, you can choose this as a website name or simply use it within your keyword optimization for your site. It is always best to own your keywords if possible as, in the long run, there are more benefits to this beyond what is expressed herein. To obtain other good keywords, take your chosen keyword that you have purchased and enter that into google's keyword tool search and google will give you more suggested keywords with the traffic for each one. It is generally a good practice, if that is all that is available, to accept a .net for your website URL but only .coms for extra keywords you own related to your site.

You want to purchase the keyword just like you purchase any name. It will not matter too much whether it is a .com or a .net although .com is always best. Your keyword or keyword phrase should have a natural traffic ranking of 1500 per month or better. Try to make it the exact keyword you want. You can always work from Google's suggested list. I was shocked to find a perfect keyword the other day using this system that had over 40,000 a month in traffic and it only cost me $10.00 to purchase it. So, work at this.

Once you purchase the keyword or keyword phrase, it is time to create your title, description and keywords for your site.

It is good to know what other top sites are using for theirs. Do not copy them. Enter the keyword in google search and go to the top sites. Right click on the top left hand of their site and then click on the "View Source". You want to view the meta tags on this page. They are located between the two following tags: . . . . . You can print the necessary information and use them as work sheets for brainstorming for your own site as that can help. I recomment copying the necessary information you need to your wordpad on your computer so you do not end up printing the whole website.

If you find that you have located more than one good keyword, you can use more than one in this system. Your only big limitation will be trying to make them fit in your title. You might be able to squeeze in 3 if they are short words and/or phrases.

When creating this information for your own site, all words used here are counted as search words for your site by search engine spiders so try to eliminate the words "the, it, and, etc." as much as possible. Your main keyword or phrase that you purchased should always be the first word in each of your title, description and keywords. Since this is the basic foundation of your site, take extra time to do this.

There are character number recommendations for some search engine spiders. The title should be no more than 60 characters, including spaces, description should be no more than 150 characters and no less than 120 characters and keywords should be a maximum of 874 characters. It is easy to get carried away with having too many keywords so try to refine this list to words that definitely directly relate to your site.

A search engine has a spider which visits your site periodically to rank your site in comparison with all sites on the internet and other sites that compete with you. They mainly find your website through links on other sites.

One of the main reasons you want visitors to your site as soon as possible is to try to obtain a rating of ranking from Google even if it is 0. Sites not rated by Google also give the appearance to other website owners of a possible Google banned site even though you know it is only because you have a new website. There are many ways to receive your rating quickly. If left alone and nothing done to change this, it could take as long as 6 months to 1 year for Google to give you that status. Note: to not even have a ranking by a search engine is nicknamed being in 'the sandbox'.

This seems like tedious un-necessary work but, in the long run, you will be glad you have done these things when you experience visitors right away to your website.

You are now ready to finish setting up your directory for your business.
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